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Costa Rican Happy Hour #5: Get your FIA 2018 groove on

This week's Happy Hour song is a whole playlist.

PHOTOS: Drums for coexistence at Costa Rica’s Arts Festival

The show's message: music and percussion can be tools for change.

‘For ills of the heart, there are the songs of Chavela’

Visitors to a Chavela Vargas exhibit in downtown San José can view photos from the famed singer's life.

After vibrant first weekend, International Arts Fest continues through April 15

The government-sponsored festival will continue through Sunday, April 15.

Demonstration, arts festival to complicate vehicle traffic in San José on Thursday

Vehicle passage along a stretch of San José's Second Avenue will be closed from 2 p.m. Thursday to 5 a.m. Friday for the opening ceremony of the International Arts Festival.

What not to miss at Costa Rica’s National Arts Festival

A look at highlights of the upcoming National Arts Festival in the Southern Zone.

After ‘FIAsco’ Culture Ministry regroups with National Arts Festival 

After a disastrous International Arts Festival last year, Costa Rica's Culture Ministry announced it will regroup with a National Arts Festival.

Juan Santamaría Day, a shrimp festival and other happenings in Costa Rica

According to legend, Santamaría lost his life, but he managed to set the fortification on fire, turning the tide of the battle and resulting in Central America’s victory over invading filibusteros. To commemorate the spikey-haired martyr, Costa Ricans celebrate Juan Santamaría Day on April 11.

Tico costume designer presents a ‘galactic parade’ to kick off arts festival

The Intergalactic royalty of the future will like ribbons, neon-colored wigs and lots of glitter.

8 trippy photos that will make you want to visit FIA’s luminarium

When you get to La Sabana Park in western San José for this year's International Arts Festival, make a beeline for the inflatable, spiky thing right in the middle: the luminarium.

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