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Costa Rican Happy Hour #5: Get your FIA 2018 groove on

Have you missed some of the headliners of this year’s International Arts Festival (FIA 2018) in Costa Rica? Are you out of the country altogether? Never fear: this time around, organizers put together a Spotify playlist so you can dance along at home. Access it here.

The selections include “Bolero Falaz” and a number of other tracks by Colombian group Aterciopelados, and a wide variety of selections from Costa Rican artists presenting at the festival. These include “Quiero Ver” by Café Surá; “Fiesta Familiar,” by rapper Nakura (read our Weekend Arts Spotlight interview with Nakury); and “20,” by Magpie Jay (read our interview with the group).

Take a listen and get ready to head out this weekend to the International Arts Festival’s various locations in San José and San Pedro.


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