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8 trippy photos that will make you want to visit FIA’s luminarium

Don’t stop at the tents full of art; don’t get distracted by the costumed dancers on the sidewalks; don’t go jam out at the concert stage. When you get to La Sabana Park in western San José for this year’s International Arts Festival, make a beeline for the inflatable, spiky thing right in the middle: the luminarium.

Constructed by the U.K.-based Architects of Air, the luminarium is a hand-sewn plastic labyrinth designed to put viewers into a unique visual environment. As natural light filters through the colored plastic it creates stained glass-like designs on the domes’ ceilings. As the light throughout the day changes, so does the appearance of the luminarium. The 800-square-meter structure weighs nearly 3,000 kilos.

Going there: The luminarium is located in the center of La Sabana Park. It will reopen Monday, April 7, and remain open every day from 10:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. through April 13. Entry costs ₡1,000 ($2), but it is free with a coupon found every day on the cover of the daily newspaper La Nación.

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