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Costa Rica environment

Costa Rican Congress approves controversial trawling law

The new legislation sets in motion the process to resume trawling in Costa Rica, a country that prides itself on its environmental policies.

Effects of Climate Change on Costa Rica Coffee

Coffee has played an intrinsic role in Costa Rican culture for the better part of 200 years. It is one of the largest exports...

Costa Rica converts island prison into tourist attraction

Something of Costa Rica's own version of Alcatraz, the island was once home to one of the most notorious prisons in the country's history.

Chile rejects Escazú Agreement, environmental pact supported by Costa Rica

Piñera's decision drew criticism from the political opposition, the government and environmental organizations.

World Conservation Congress postponed (again) due to Covid-19

Several countries -- including France and Costa Rica -- planned to launch the Coalition of Great Ambition for Nature and People, with the goal of protecting 30% of the Earth's natural spaces by 2030.

Costa Rica appoints climate change director as new Environment Minister

Andrea Meza, who has been director of climate change for the Costa Rican government since 2015, was appointed Tuesday as Environment Minister, replacing the outgoing Carlos Manuel Rodríguez.

At San Lucas Island, Costa Rica creates its 30th national park

Costa Rica on Monday celebrated the 50th anniversary of its national parks system by creating another national park.

Costa Rican police launch ‘massive operation’ against illegal gold mining at Crucitas

The Costa Rican congress banned open pit mining in 2010, shortly after the termination of Infinito Gold's contract at Crucitas.

Costa Rican Minister will leave office to lead Global Environment Facility

The Washington-based GEF was created before the 1992 Earth Summit as a multilateral trust fund that supports environmental action in developing countries.

U.S. donates $16,000 to help Costa Rica improve environmental reporting

Any person who is in Costa Rica — adult or a minor, national or foreign — can file a criminal complaint to the authorities.

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