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Costa Rica celebrates U.S. support of global environmental plan

U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed an Executive Order that, in part, commits the country to taking bold steps regarding environmental conservation. 

After year of inaction, international community meets to protect biodiversity

Topics will also include preventing pandemics such as COVID-19, which jumped from the animal world to man.

One Planet Summit kickstarts year of crucial environment talks

The summit will also launch the High Ambition Coalition -- a group of 45 countries led by Costa Rica, France and Britain.

Kiwi conservationist bitten by fer-de-lance in Costa Rica

The fer-de-lance, known locally a terciopelo, is a highly venomous pit viper. 

Pic of the Day: Costa Rica’s smallest primate

The tití monkey (Saimiri oerstedii) is a Central American primate species, which has two subspecies that are geographically isolated, one of these subspecies is endemic to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica launches crowdfunding campaign for northern reforestation

Costa Rica on Wednesday launched a fundraising campaign titled Huella del Futuro with the goal of planing 200,000 trees in nine northern cantons by September 2021. 

Costa Rica receives $54.1 million from Green Climate Fund for reducing emissions

Costa Rica thus became the first country in Central America to receive resources from the Green Climate Fund.

Costa Rica bets on carbon offsets to conserve environment, support eco-tourism

Costa Rica is offering tourists the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint as part of a program to support ecotourism.

Watch: Spotting the elusive tapir in Bijagua, Costa Rica

The Central American tapir is large. In fact, it’s the largest terrestrial mammal in the Neotropics. These animals can weigh up to 300 kilograms and the Bribri people of Costa Rica believe that a giant tapir created the Earth.

World Conservation Congress postponed (again) due to Covid-19

Several countries -- including France and Costa Rica -- planned to launch the Coalition of Great Ambition for Nature and People, with the goal of protecting 30% of the Earth's natural spaces by 2030.

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