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6 Perfect Costa Rica Cafes for a Weekend Brunch in Heredia

In Costa Rica, some weekends are for adventures in the wild, while others are for spending relaxed times in the city. What better way...

How to Drink Espresso Like a Pro

Espresso has become a staple of modern coffee drinking. Originally, espresso was designed as a way to quickly consume the amount of caffeine in...

Costa Rica Photography: Rainbow over a Costa Rican Cafetal

Costa Rica makes some of the world's best coffee.

Costa Rica Organization Bean Voyage launches fellowship for social change

Those interested in becoming Care Fellows should submit an application for the Youth Fellowship by May 20, 2019.  

This week in the Peace Corps: A grassroots look inside your morning cup of joe

What time of the year is it? It’s coffee picking season. Coffee all over Costa Rica is in full swing. In my beautiful high-altitude mountainous community along the Panamanian border, that means hundreds of indigenous Panamanians cross the border to pick coffee from September to February.

Starbucks shareholders take virtual reality tour of Costa Rican farm

A new way to experience a Costa Rican coffee farm.

Costa Rica’s Cup of Excellence has record-breaking auction 

The top-scoring coffee in Costa Rica's 2016 Cup of Excellence competition set a new record at auction, $59 per pound, the highest price paid since the competition began in 2007.

Morning caffeine fix gets cheaper as rains boost Brazil supplies

Hedge funds are betting your morning cup of coffee is going to get cheaper, even as prices head for a sixth straight monthly loss.

Cup of Excellence 2015 Auction

Luis Ricardo Calderón, from Santa María de Dota, drums up support for his friends' coffee during the Cup of Excellence auction Wednesday at the Specialty...

Juan Valdez inaugurates its first Costa Rica store

Colombian coffee giant Juan Valdez officially inaugurated the first of five stores it plans to open in Costa Rica this year, representing a total investment of $2 million.

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