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6 Perfect Costa Rica Cafes for a Weekend Brunch in Heredia

In Costa Rica, some weekends are for adventures in the wild, while others are for spending relaxed times in the city. What better way to start a weekend in the city than by going out for an idyllic brunch with your loved ones? Delectable food and an ideal coffee brew complemented with hearty conversations can be the perfect recipe for your morning delight. To help you plan, here are 6 perfect cafes for enjoying a weekend brunch in Heredia.

1.Cafeteria Sula

The green painted wall and the bright yellow cushions at Cafeteria Sula spark an instant joy. With plenty of power sockets and complimentary WiFi, this cafe in Plaza Najori is as good for getting some work done alone as hanging out with a bunch of friends.

The brunch menu is available all day during their opening hours every day. You can choose from a variety of options like tortillas, pancakes, toasts, eggs, bowls and of course Gallo Pinto! Their dishes are often created with a twist and the servings are always plated using beautiful cutlery.

2. Kawah Cafe

Conveniently located in the new hotspot of Heredia, near Oxigeno Mall in San Francisco, Kawah Cafe recently underwent a decor makeover. Now, this family-run cafe, with garden seating and semi open-air seating, looks brighter and more spacious than ever before.

On their breakfast menu, they offer toasts, pancakes, chilaquiles, eggs of various types, fruit bowl, Gallo Pinto as well as a Pinto Bowl, where all the tipico delicious goodness come together. An interesting thing to note, Kawah uses pasture-raised eggs for all their dishes.

3. Estadero Bistro & Cafe

Located in Heredia Centro, at Estadero Bistro & Cafe, an unassuming entrance will lead you to an oasis of charm inside. They have remodeled an old house to create relaxed seating spaces, where you can read a book or play a board game, while you wait for your food to arrive.

Their breakfast menu has options of crepes, French toast, various dishes of eggs and desayuno tipico with Gallo Pinto including a vegan variation of the same. They start offering the breakfast menu at 7:30 am every day, and on weekends, it is available until 2:00 pm.

4. Bajo Sombra Cafeteria

Tucked in a lane of a residential area in Belen, you will find Bajo Sombra Cafeteria. Their spacious garden with thoughtfully designed outdoor seating areas can take one’s fancy. Right in Heredia, the green plants and the colorful flowers will make you feel connected with nature.

On weekends, Bajo Sombra opens at 8:00 am. They have got quite the extensive breakfast menu, ranging from Gallo Pinto, toasts, egg dishes to options of burritos and chalupas. Definitely get a cup of their specialty coffee that can be extracted using a method of your choice.

5. Cafe El Retiro

Offering indoor seating, outdoor seating as well as a more private seating in a small booth, Cafe El Retiro is a pretty cafe in the pretty neighborhood of Heredia, San Joaquin de Flores. Whether with ornamental pieces or with witty quotes, their indoor space reflects a vintage decor.

El Retiro is open from 9:00 in the morning. Apart from the regular breakfast menu, they include some specials for special occasions. Also, their crepes and frappes are delicious!

6. El Cacaotal

The moment you enter El Cacaotal, the sight of cacao products infused with the aroma of cacao will entice you. Just off the busy Ruta 111 in Belen, this new chocolateria is magically placed in a calm setting, surrounded by greenery.

On the breakfast menu, you will find the regulars like Gallo Pinto, fruit bowl, French toast and various egg dishes. But, as the name of the cafe suggests, cacao-based food and drinks are their signature offerings. So, get one of those too!

Author Bio:Pubali Kanjilal is an Indian woman living, working and traveling in Costa Rica for more than 4 years. She enjoys exploring new destinations and embracing new cultures. Partnering with her husband, Pubali shares her best travel tips and recommendations on their travel blog Paradise Catchers. You can also find her on Instagram as @paradisecatchers

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