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Pic of the Day: A very Costa Rican breakfast

Costa Rica is not a country known for its cuisine or renowned for unique national dishes.

But even Google knows there’s nothing more tico than a serving of gallo pinto: the simple rice-and-beans combo accompanied by eggs (scrambled, fried, or even in an omelet), toast or tortillas, sour cream, sausage, plátanos maduros (plaintains) and a good cup of coffee.

Everyone’s gallo pinto recipe is a little different, but if you’re a newbie, here’s a simple recipe for you to try. First, heat a little oil in a frying pan. Chop one-fourth cup each of onions, green pepper and cilantro, and place in the pan. Add two cups of cooked rice and one cup of cooked red or black beans; add Salsa Lizano, salt and pepper to your taste. Combine well, heat through, add your desired sides, and devour.

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