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China calls US outrage over Venezuela UN election ‘unjustifiable’

Maduro still has strong support at the UN, from Russia and China in particular.

From Curri to China: Irene Aguilar talks traveling and studying performing arts in a foreign land

Irene Aguilar, 29, has been living in China for the past five years and says she’s still not ready to come back to Costa Rica.

Meet Lama Thubten Wangchen: ‘We are citizens of the world’

The Tico Times sits down with Lama Thubten Wangchen, a special representative of the Dalai Lama to Europe, during his visit to Costa Rica.

Chinese ambassador visits Manuel Antonio, tours palm oil plant

China’s ambassador to Costa Rica stopped at Manuel Antonio Friday to have lunch with local officials and tour a palm oil plantation in hopes of increasing business and tourism ties between the two countries

5 questions for a Costa Rican puppeteer

Puppeteer Berny Abarca is making history as the producer of a new play that will tour China.

Costa Rica could have to pay compensation for failed oil refinery project

RECOPE Legal Affairs Director Mayid Brenes said he hoped the "good faith" agreement between China and Costa Rica would prevent any problems.

Costa Rica cancels $1.2 billion Chinese refinery project

RECOPE President Sara Salazar told reporters that the Chinese-Costa Rican joint-venture cost the Costa Rican government ₡33 billion — more than $61 million — with nothing to show for the effort.

VIDEO: Argentina’s coast guard sinks Chinese fishing boat in South Atlantic

Argentina's coast guard sank a Chinese fishing boat that attacked when authorities tried to stop it for illegal fishing in the South Atlantic, officials said Tuesday.

China overtakes West in development funding to Latin America

As U.S. and international development banks cut back on lending to Latin America, China is stepping in.

Economists close in on spotting future recessions

Perhaps there is a better way to use leverage to forecast recessions. Instead of looking at the amount of credit, maybe we should look at the price and the quality of credit.

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