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One year after first case, Costa Rica to broadcast Covid memorial

Costa Rica registered its first coronavirus case on March 6, 2020.

China donates motorcycles, security equipment to Costa Rica

The Chinese government on Monday donated motorcycles and other security equipment to Costa Rica during a ceremony with local leaders. 

One year ago, we published our first coronavirus story

The Costa Ricans were flown from China to Ukraine, where they completed a mandatory quarantine before being repatriated.

Costa Rica to allow visa-free tourism from China

The relaxed requirements are meant to help Costa Rica tap into a growing Chinese tourism market. 

Carlos Alvarado discusses importance of Costa Rican relations with U.S., China

Alvarado spoke about the importance of Costa Rica's diplomatic relations with both China and the United States. 

With Ukraine’s support, Costa Rica evacuates citizens from Wuhan, China

The Costa Ricans were flown from China to Ukraine, where they will complete a mandatory quarantine.

$10 million donation from China to fund National Stadium improvements

The Chinese government offered Costa Rica a new National Stadium as a gift and spent an estimated $100 million on its construction.

‘Strong discontent and energetic rejection’: Chinese Embassy responds to Pompeo’s advice to Costa Rica

Pompeo's visit to Costa Rica was the first for a sitting U.S. Secretary of State in a decade. 

Costa Rican health authorities plan precautions in response to Chinese coronavirus

The new coronavirus strain, first discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has caused alarm.

China to lower tariffs, begin importing Costa Rican pork in January

The move does not appear to be linked to the bruising trade war between China and the US.

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