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Business sector alarmed by approval of China’s $465 million loan to expand the highway to Limón

Representatives of a number of professional associations and private sector chambers expressed their concern on several technical and legal matters of the project to expand Route 32, the main access to the Caribbean, which will be financed with a loan from the government of China.

Legislative commision OKs loan to finance expansion of highway to Limón

The Legislative Assembly’s Financial Affairs Commission on Thursday evening passed a bill authorizing a $465 million loan to finance the expansion of a 107-kilometer stretch of highway connecting the capital to the Caribbean province of Limón.

A canal across Nicaragua: Is this for real?

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – It would be an engineering feat of gargantuan proportions – a $40 billion Chinese-built canal across Nicaragua to boost the flow of ships between the Caribbean and the Pacific.

US, China pledge cooperation on climate change

BEIJING – The United States and China said Saturday that they have agreed to intensify efforts to address climate change and to work together to seek a common platform ahead of a global summit on the issue at the end of next year.

Tico astronaut Franklin Chang reaches first fundraising goal

Chang hopes to raise money to produce a documentary video about how the plasma rocket engine he designed will function.

Tico astronaut Franklin Chang raises online funds for upcoming documentary film

Chang turned to to help promote the launch of his plasma engine, which is set for a mission in 2014.

Tico astronaut Franklin Chang inducted into U.S. hall of fame

Chang, the first Latin American to visit space, holds the record for most space trips.

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