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Global climate meetings in Costa Rica close with call for further action

Attendees at the Costa Rica event proposed the end of fossil fuel subsidies, the preservation of nature and the promotion of clean and renewable energy as a path for this new model.

Costa Rica hosting global forum to prepare climate change agenda

Delegates from across the world will gather starting Tuesday in Costa Rica to discuss the global agenda to combat the environmental disaster that climate change represents.

Drink wine in Chile, but do it at the Bocanáriz wine bar

I’m scared of drinking wine. Almost everyone I know is scared of drinking wine. It's scary to buy cheap and regret it later. It's...

Costa Rica ends cold streak, defeats Chile 3-2 in Rancagua

Costa Rica ends the cold streak, defeats Chile 3-2 in Rancagua.

Tico Times freelancer sells photos to finance fellowship

Alvarado was selected to work with low-income communities in Chile.

2018: A big year for Latin American elections

An overview of trends throughout Latin America as the region enters a decisive year.

Billionaire Piñera to return as Chile’s president

Billionaire Sebastian Piñera will return to power as Chile's president next year, following a runoff election held Sunday. Electoral authorities said the 68-year-old conservative, who...

Chile court orders Pablo Neruda’s remains returned to his tomb

SANTIAGO, Chile – A Chilean court on Wednesday ordered poet Pablo Neruda's remains be returned to his tomb, three years after they were exhumed to determine whether the Nobel laureate was assassinated.

Suspicions grow that Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was murdered by Pinochet regime

International experts will perform new tests on Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's remains to analyze a mysterious bacteria that has heightened his family's suspicions he was poisoned by dictator Augusto Pinochet's regime.

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