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Pandemic accelerates in the Americas amid catastrophic economic prospects

As many countries prepare to resuscitate their economies, the IMF warned that a possible second wave of infections could mean a worsening of the already bleak picture.

Latin America exceeds 2 million coronavirus cases as Brazil approaches 50,000 deaths

The spread of the coronavirus is accelerating in the region, which totals 2,007,621 cumulative cases.

Surge in Latin America as global coronavirus toll passes 400,000

Cases are rising sharply in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador, while in Chile, total deaths have now reached 2,290.

LATAM, Latin America’s largest airline, files for bankruptcy in US

The International Air Transport Association has forecast a $15 billion loss in revenue for Latin American airlines this year.

Chile to amend constitution, a key demand of protesters

After weeks of sometimes violent demonstrations, most polls show the protest movement is supported by 75 percent of Chileans.

Chile will not host COP25 climate meetings as mass protests continue

The UN is exploring other hosting options.

Chilean president vows major reshuffle after week of protests

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on Saturday announced a major government reshuffle, a day after more than one million people took to the streets in a massive protest for economic and political change.

UN to investigate abuses in Chile as strike continues

The violence in Chile, usually one of the most stable countries in Latin America, is the worst experienced since returning to democracy.

Chile ‘at war’ as death toll rises to 11; president extends emergency

Chile's death toll has risen to 11, authorities said on Monday, after three days of violent demonstrations and looting that saw President Sebastian Pinera...

Protests over socioeconomic conditions ravage Chile

Chileans angry over social and economic woes banged pots and pans Saturday in a noisy but peaceful continuation of violent protests that prompted the...

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