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Costa Rica Mountain Bike Race: The Route of the Conquerors

The Route of the Conquerors is recognized as one of the most difficult competitions in the world of mountain biking. Last Tuesday, the 28th...

The OMNi invasion: How a fleet of bicycles aims to modernize Costa Rica’s public transportation infrastructure

OMNi’s purpose is about more than enhancing Costa Rica’s public-transportation infrastructure with electric, pedal-assisted bicycles.

New law seeks to incentivize biking in Costa Rica

The new regulations could have positive impacts on bicycle safety and help reduce carbon emissions in Costa Rica.

Flying high

Kenneth Tencio at the X-Knights Competition.

La falta de respeto por la vida en Costa Rica: necesitamos un cambio

Roberto Guzmán, director de Chepecletas, comparte sus esperanzas para un cambio de cultura en nuestras calles: un cambio que debe venir de cada uno de nosotros.

Bamboo biker seeks to raise environmental awareness on trip through South America

Writer and environmentalist Kate Rawles is planning to take a customized bamboo bike from Cartagena, Colombia to the south of Chile in an effort to promote environmental awareness.

VIDEO: Traffic cop stops Costa Rican bicyclist Andrey Amador in bizarre highway altercation

Renowned Costa Rican cyclist was involved in a bizarre traffic stop Tuesday morning after illegally taking his bike on San José's Highway 27 to train.

New project uses rivers to create a walkable, bikeable San José

San José's rivers are clogged and lost among a sea of traffic, but a new project would turn them into the key to urban renewal thorugh a network of riverbank bike paths.

San José Costa Rica’s newest coffee shop – on wheels

A coffee shop on wheels is part of a one-man crusade to get more people on bikes in Costa Rica's capital.

A bike path blooms in San José

A bicycle path in San José, Costa Rica? A cyclist approves. Now if all these pedestrians can just figure out what it is.

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