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Costa Rica Mountain Bike Race: The Route of the Conquerors

The Route of the Conquerors is recognized as one of the most difficult competitions in the world of mountain biking. Last Tuesday, the 28th edition was presented; it will take place from May 26th to 28th. The organization expects around 550 participants from Costa Rica and all over the world, who come to the country to compete in this tough cycling race.

This edition will have 3 stages:

  • The first one, will begin in Garabito in Playa Herradura and finish at Parque Viva in Alajuela
  • A second stage, will take place from Pricesmart Tres Rios (San José) and culminate in Catie of Turrialba
  • Finally, a third one that will go on in Siquirres

“After 28 years of being organized in Costa Rica, it is today the toughest competition on the planet. Therefore, we are proud to show our international participants many microclimates, ethnicities and incredible landscapes,” said Florencia Urbina, race director.

This event is endorsed by the Costa Rican Cycling Federation and is one of the most popular competitions in the country.

“We are very happy. We reached an agreement with La Ruta (The Route) to do things the right way, complying with all the requirements and guidelines,” said Oscar Avila, president of the cycling federation.

Remarkably, the competition will award women and men the same prize money, $6,000. This makes it the best paid cycling event in the country. The money will be given to the first place in the elite category (men and women).

An agreement between La Ruta and the Spartan company allowed the prize money to be higher than in previous years and equal for both men and women.

“We are very happy to be back, and with exaggeratedly good prize money for men and women alike, in the elite category. The first place, in both genders, will receive $6000 (₡3.9 million), $3,500 (₡2.3 million) to the second, $2,000 (₡1.3 million) to the third and $1000 (₡663 thousand) to the fourth place. We still have spots available for the elite participants,” the organizers commented.

The women who have won the race in previous editions, stated the cash prize is a great motivation for more cyclists to participate, but also a recognition of perseverance and the fight for gender equality.

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