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5 questions for Costa Rican artist Rossella Matamoros

The artist talks about her international studies and deep-dive approach.

PHOTOS: International Museum Day in Costa Rica

Large, well known museums and smaller offerings participated side by side.

5 questions for US painter Suzahn King

A trip to Costa Rica turned into a move - and a wave of artistic inspiration.

5 questions for Guatemalan artist Herssonoe

The artist is in Costa Rica for his first exhibit outside his home country.

Costa Rica’s arts scene: vibrant and ready to surprise you

We’ve learned Costa Rica's arts scene is more fascinating than we ever dreamed.

What to do in Costa Rica in May and June

A few of our favorite events, plus a list of clubs.

Costa Rican film ‘Güilas’ to premiere Thursday

The film promises a playful, soulful glimpse of Costa Rican childhood.

5 questions for Costa Rican artist Alejandro Villalobos

Injuries that made it painful to move enhanced his love for Costa Rica's nature.

PHOTOS: The annual Oxcart Parade in Atenas, Alajuela

The owner of Casa del Río in Atenas, Alajuela shared these photos.

5 questions for Costa Rica’s indigenous Jirondai Project

A look into a mission to preserve indigenous cultures in Costa Rica.

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