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‘Waiting for Godot’: Fun facts about El Grupo Crono’s impressive new production

El Grupo Crono could have picked any play, in any language, from any part of the world, but they picked one of the most challenging titles in the canon: “Waiting for Godot” will present its second and final performance at the National Theater on Sunday evening.

Something’s coming: ‘West Side Story‘ brings Broadway to Costa Rica

The show has 23 performers, 123 costumes, and should run two and a half hours. If it’s successful, Luciérnaga Producciones may usher in a whole new genre of theater.

National Museum presents theatrical excerpts by Ana Istarú

In a career spanning three decades, the San José native has become an accomplished poet, playwright, and actress – and she can even deliver a good zinger.

‘Blood Wedding’: García Lorca tragedy opens at Teatro Espressivo

Set in rural Spain in the first part of the 20th century, “Blood Wedding” concerns a love triangle between an unnamed bride, an unnamed groom, and a seductive interloper named Leonardo Felix.

National Theater announces 2015 season

Excitement reached a boiling point when the staff of The National Theater started to unveil its 2015 season on Wednesday morning.

Community Aids Limón Red Cross

THE grave financial situation of the Limón Red Cross has taken an optimisticturn after the Caribbean port town’s chapterthreatened to close its doors severalmonths...

Chinese Balloon Spotted Flying Over Costa Rica?

Costa Rica social media has been abuzz with posts and photos of a large white balloon seen flying over the country. The reports started...

The Quakers and Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica is a small town located in the northern part of the country, known for its stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity....

Costa Rican Plans to Modify Recreational Marijuana Bill

The Costa Rican government is set to present a substitute text to the recreational marijuana bill after obtaining feedback from different institutions. According to Natalia...