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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Costa Rica Dog Kennel Hit by Meteorite Sells at Christie’s

Although you may not realize it, material from space is regularly falling from the sky. To such an extent that scientists estimate almost 50 tons a...

Costa Rica and carbon neutrality

The year 2021 has seen climate change and carbon neutrality issues rise to the forefront of global consciousness. From the wildfires of the western United...

Ancient footprints re-write humanity’s history in the Americas

The footprints were left in mud on the banks of a long-since dried up lake, which is now part of a New Mexico desert.

Synthetic biology makes ecologists dream … and tremble

The film Jurassic Park (1993) made human beings dream of the possibility of resurrecting species.

Some baby bats babble like human infants, scientists find in Costa Rica

The babbling of 20 baby bats was recorded in Costa Rica and Panama between 2015 and 2016

Bathing with vegetables: The Luffa gourd

With a few deft carvings with a knife, you can have an incredibly satisfying and exfoliating sponge for your shower.

Costa Rica hosting Math + X symposium with renowned researchers

Costa Rica will welcome some of the world's top scientific minds when it hosts Math + X, a symposium organized by Rice University.

Meteorite ‘of great scientific interest’ that landed in Costa Rica donated to Field Museum in Chicago

This is the first time that Costa Rican scientists have had the opportunity to observe and analyze a meteorite recovered in the country.

Costa Rica Turtle Study Provides New Insights into ‘Arribadas’

The findings suggest a "developmental difference between the eggs of arribada and non-arribada nesting females." 

Epic Games, UCreativa reach first-of-its kind partnership in Central America

Epic has been a leader in gaming and animation technologies for nearly 30 years. Their Unreal Engine powers popular games including Fortnite, Bioshock and Gears of War.
Costa Rica Coffee
Costa Rica Coffee

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Jill Biden announces Costa Rica childhood cancer agreement

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, visited the National Children's Hospital in Costa Rica on Sunday. During the ceremony, the National...

United States First Lady Jill Biden will visit Costa Rica

First Lady Jill Biden will be headed to Latin America on Wednesday. She will leave Washington for a six-day visit to three countries: Ecuador,...

Inflation is a risk for Latin America’s stability, analysts warn

Inflation threatens the immediate future and political stability in Latin America, several observers of the region warned Monday at the Davos forum, a pessimistic...