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Judge orders closure of overcrowded San Sebastián prison

Costa Rica's notorious San Sebastián prison must be closed within 18 months, according to a judge's ruling that cited rampant overcrowding and inhumane conditions at the prison.

Cuba Dave set to finish year in preventive prison on allegations of promoting sex tourism

David "Cuba Dave" Strecker is set to finish out a full year in preventive prison for allegations of promoting sex tourism in Costa Rica. He says he was officially charged Thursday for the first time.

Release of prisoners in Costa Rica angers politicians, tourism industry

A judge's order to release 380 prisoners from Alajuela's overcrowded Gerardo Rodríguez prison has caused government infighting and pushback from the tourism industry.

At least 52 dead in Mexico prison riot

Officials said the fight erupted following a dispute between leaders of two rival groups, including one led by a member of the Zetas drug cartel. The 60-year-old penitentiary houses 3,800 inmates, twice its capacity.

Costa Rica’s justice minister: ‘We are not releasing inmates’

Costa Rica’s Justice Minister Cecilia Sánchez Romero was forced this week to defend before the Legislative Assembly the partial release of hundreds of inmates to reduce overcrowding. The program has sparked criticism from various sectors, including the Public Security Ministry.

PHOTOS: A look at maximum security in Costa Rica’s La Reforma Prison

Their reality is a 4x4-meter cell of cement and iron, where only a few rays of sunlight enter each day and where sleep comes on concrete beds. Among the inmates are leaders of rival drug gangs that have launched a violent turf war in the streets of San José’s southern and western neighborhoods, leaving a toll of 165 deaths in only nine months. Here's a look.

Few rules govern treatment of transgender prisoners in Costa Rica

There are few set criteria governing how transgender inmates should be handled by Costa Rican prisons. Many men who identify as women are sent to men's prisons.

PHOTOS: Faces from La Reforma prison

Located in San Rafael de Alajuela, La Reforma prison is the biggest in Costa Rica. The Tico Times recently visited the prison and took portraits of some of the inmates.

PHOTOS: A look inside Costa Rica’s San Rafael Prison

Inside cellblock A-2, simple wooden frame bunks line as much floor space as possible. Inmates, many shirtless in the heat, lounge on their bunks if they’re lucky enough to have a bunk. The cellblock is crowded – designed to hold 40 with 108 living inside – but people squeeze by each other like strangers on a crowded sidewalk. Anything that doesn’t fit on the floor hangs from the ceiling and the walls. “Just wait till nighttime,” says a toothless inmate doing a 30-year sentence who called himself Francisco, “that’s when it gets bad."

Prisoner in Colombia gets liposuction on the sly

A Colombian prisoner given permission to undergo surgery to fix a breast implant took advantage of her trip to the operating room to get liposuction.
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