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Costa Rica
Monday, May 23, 2022

The dark side of Nicaragua

We fell into the trap of believing that Nicaragua was doing well.

Children in cages: this feels like defeat

All we can expect from the United States is a confirmation of receipt.

Costa Rica’s guilty voters

One Costa Rican voter's shame at betraying her party roots.

President ‘Carlitos’ and Costa Rica’s generational shift

He's young enough to understand the digital generation, but young enough that maybe he's even lived outside of a condominium.

Goodbye, Fabricio!

The PRN campaign was crumbling with each passing day, while on the other side things looked more boring, less spectacular, but more balanced.

In Costa Rica, friends didn’t fight over politics; those days are gone

We’re a more unequal society, grumpier, more distrustful.

La campaña en que Costa Rica ignoró su realidad

Ya sabemos que nuestro Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE) llama a un voto racional, inteligente, bien informado y eso está muy bien como pretensión,...

Costa Rica has earthly problems, but this election season ended over the rainbow

We all know that our Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE) is calling for a rational, intelligent, well informed vote – and that’s all well and...

How Juan Diego Castro is turning Costa Rica upside down

The evolution of an unprecedented candidate in 10 paragraphs.

January’s here and the gloves are off: Costa Rica’s true campaign begins

The electoral “truce” is over, but it wasn’t much of a truce, for two reasons. First, before the mandatory ad-free period began over Christmas,...
Costa Rica Coffee
Costa Rica Coffee

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