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Cubans rally in front of Costa Rican consulate for transit visas

Hundreds of Cubans gathered on Monday near the Costa Rican consulate in Havana, after learning that Costa Rica imposed a transit visa that complicates...

Cuba’s vaunted health system straining under Covid cases

Cuba's vaunted public health system, which boasts more doctors per capita than any other country, has been pushed to the brink in recent months by the arrival of the coronavirus Delta variant.

Anti-government protests erupt in Cuba

The anti-government rallies erupted spontaneously in several cities as the country endures its worst economic crisis in 30 years, with chronic shortages of electricity and food.

Cuba faces challenge of attracting tourists amid ongoing pandemic

Closed to commercial flights since March 24, Havana reopened just in time for peak season (November-April).

Cuba, Costa Rica sign education agreement, discuss foreign relations differences

"This is a magnificent opportunity to maintain an open and permanent dialogue to meet the challenges that both countries have," Ventura said.

Irma’s impact on Costa Rica: what to expect this weekend

According to the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), the country can expect heavy rainfall throughout Saturday afternoon and evening, into Sunday.

Authorities detain Cuban migrants, boat captain in the Southern Zone

Authorities detain their second group of Cuban migrants in as many days.

End of an era as revolutionary Fidel Castro dies

Fidel Castro's death has unleashed a wide variety of drastically different reactions.

Solís touts Costa Rica’s treatment of migrants, refugees

Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solís spoke Monday at Washington D.C.'s Wilson Center about the country's growing role in hosting migrants and refugees.

Cuban migrants in Colombia await deportation

Around 1,200 Cubans are still holed up in a 2,000 square-foot (200-square-meter) warehouse on private property. Colombian authorities are waiting for a court permit to remove the migrants.
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