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Costa Rican band performs at Rose Parade

The band was selected for a performance at the prestigious event.

Costa Rica Rocks: An evening of progressive metal at Jazz Café

Featuring the band Canvas, among others, the Jazz Café is one the oldest live venues in the country and serves with progressive metal experiences.

Costa Rican rapper Nativa releases new album

The album unites artists from various countries in Latin America.

Wish you were here: Roger Waters in Costa Rica?

"Are you ready for something really big, Costa Rica?"
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Costa Rica Travel Insurance
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Guatemala Issues Historic Apology for Black Market Adoptions

Guatemala's president on Friday offered an official apology to one of the many families whose children were taken away and adopted abroad in a...

Central American Countries Declare Emergency as Dengue Deaths Rise

A hundred people have died this year from a dengue outbreak in Central America, where the most affected country is Guatemala, with half of...

Maritime Patrols Intensify as Panama Tightens Border Control

Panama reinforced maritime surveillance on Thursday, after closing some passages in the Darién jungle to control the arrival of migrants traveling to the United...