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Coldplay opens in front of 40,000 people in Costa Rica

Costa Rica was the starting point of the Music of the Spheres World Tour, before an euphoric crowd of 40,000 people at the National Stadium in Costa Rica. This was the first of two shows the band scheduled for the first stop of their tour.

The show began with Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion walking in a single line behind the stage, while the cameras projected their image in two giant screens. The band members made their triumphant entrance on stage. The crowd went absolutely wild and an exhilarated ambiance was unleashed.

With a majestic stage placed on the north side of the stadium, a catwalk that reached the center of the arena, a beautiful summer night and a full moon, the song “Higher Power” began, bracelets started lighting up in all sorts of colors, changing with the rhythm of the music. Fans started jumping, dancing and singing their life away.

Colorful lights, confetti, party balls and fantastic music: it was a party! Right after the first song ended, Martin sang Adventure of a Lifetime and Paradise, which made the admirers even more hysterical.

The band didn’t forget about the oldies and pleased fans with The Scientist. Forty thousand voices sang in unison one of Coldplay’s greatest hits.

Chris Martin addressed the crowd and let ticos know he was overjoyed to be playing in the country and for them. He also said the band chose Costa Rica, given the country’s efforts to preserve the environment and fight climate change. Martin mentioned their own commitment to making their performances as environmentally friendly as possible.

As the first chords of Viva La Vida played, the whole stadium blasted into elation. It was, indeed, a celebration of life.

Subsequently, the group played their latest hit with Selena Gomez, Let Somebody Go.

Right after, the stage was illuminated with yellow lights and the bracelets turned the same color, to make way for one of the most anticipated songs of the night: Yellow. There was not a single soul who didn’t know and didn’t scream every word.

The music for Something Just like This started, and suddenly, the whole band came on stage wearing alien masks, to dance recklessly and uncontrollably to the beat of the song.

Although they were only present via screen, the BTS members helped Coldplay perform one of their greatest recent sensations: My Universe.

The next song, A Sky Full Stars, had just started, when something very peculiar happened: Martin asked the rest of the band to stop and asked his supporters to put their phones away, to be present in the moment and to sing their hearts out with him. Not a single phone was seen afterwards.

Coloratura and Everyday Life were next in the repertoire, and after finishing the last one, the members said goodbye- except it wasn’t goodbye at all. The fans didn’t move and started singing, to lure their idols back on stage. “Otra, otra!” (“Another one, another one!”), chanted the entire stadium.

It wasn’t long before the cameras were on again and the boys were walking in the middle of the crowd, where a spotlight guided their way towards a stage located in the south end of the venue. Martin grabbed his guitar and told the multitude he had a surprise: he began singing La Patriótica, one of Costa Rica’s most heartfelt and beautiful traditional songs. That was a special moment that touched the souls of all ticos.

After the emotional moment, Coldplay started singing Humankind and the lead singer told everyone to get crazy, to which everyone obeyed. Fireworks blasted in the sky, with the Hilton Hotel in the back, creating the perfect scenario for such moment.

Of course, the British rock band couldn’t leave without bringing their supporters to tears (once again) and playing Fix You. Once again, Martin asked the crowd to sing along and so they did, while tears actually streamed down their face.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions, which ended with Biutyful. Lots of confetti and some more fireworks accompanied Coldplay to say goodbye, as the fans clapped and screamed at the top of their lungs to thank their beloved band for an indescribable night.

Without a doubt, this one of the most epic concerts to ever be played in Costa Rica. Today, the band will be playing again, for another sold out stadium, eager to live and experiment what the group of lucky fans experienced yesterday. It is a night no one will ever forget.

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