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Memories of a Iran Contra Fighter in Nicaragua

On and off from late 1985 through 1988, I fought with ARDE (The Democratic Revolutionary Alliance) Frente Sur deep inside Nicaragua against the first...

Looking for Costa Rica History? Guanacasteco Culture is the ‘Bomb’

The pride of Guanacaste is its unique culture, formed by its history and inhabitants. The first known settlers in the region were the Corobicí, an...

Researchers say fossil shows humans, dogs lived in Central America in 10,000 BC

A 1978 dig in Nacaome, in northern Costa Rica, found bone remains from the Late Pleistocene.

Minor Keith and the History of Costa Rica’s Train to Limon

In 1848 Minor Cooper Keith was born in Brooklyn New York, fathered by a successful lumber merchant while his mother's side had ties to...

How Costa Rica’s first international airport became its biggest urban park

But La Sabana was Costa Rica's principal international airport for two decades.

TBT: Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Costa Rica

We take a look back at a piece of Costa Rica history in another installment of  Throwback Thursday (TBT).

An honest assessment of President Monge: ‘neutrality, but not too much’

With the death of former President Luis Alberto Monge on Nov. 29, it was necessary to take a look back at our historical record...

Costa Rica History: The Story of Quepos/Manuel Antonio

In our continuing series on "Costa Rica's Greatest Places," we look at the history of Quepos/Manuel as a conquistador's prize, a banana town and a tourism treasure.
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Tree of Life International: Helping to Make Costa Rica a Better Place

An interview with Science Teacher Graham Jackson Tell us a little bit about yourself and the journey that brought you to Costa Rica? How...

Latin America Can Profit from Global Crisis with Lithium, Medical Supplies & Clean Energy

The covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which has triggered inflation and food insecurity, open up multiple opportunities in Latin America, such as...

Costa Rica Wildlife Rescue Center Caretaker Attacked By Jaguar

A caretaker at Zoo Ave rescue center was reportedly attacked Sunday by a Jaguar in their care. The incident was disclosed by TeleTica via...
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