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Memories of a Iran Contra Fighter in Nicaragua

On and off from late 1985 through 1988, I fought with ARDE (The Democratic Revolutionary Alliance) Frente Sur deep inside Nicaragua against the first...

How Costa Rica’s first international airport became its biggest urban park

But La Sabana was Costa Rica's principal international airport for two decades.

TBT: Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Costa Rica

We take a look back at a piece of Costa Rica history in another installment of  Throwback Thursday (TBT).

An honest assessment of President Monge: ‘neutrality, but not too much’

With the death of former President Luis Alberto Monge on Nov. 29, it was necessary to take a look back at our historical record...

Costa Rica History: The Story of Quepos/Manuel Antonio

In our continuing series on "Costa Rica's Greatest Places," we look at the history of Quepos/Manuel as a conquistador's prize, a banana town and a tourism treasure.

Manuel Antonio: Ocelots, thunderstorm, cliff climbing and yes, turtle traps

A grueling hike along the beaches and cliffs between Manuel Antonio and Quepos reveals centuries-old stone "turtle traps" in the ocean.

At Grand Masonic Lodge, some of Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets remain just that

A tour of the Grand Masonic Lodge in San José with Chepecletas makes a fascinating excursion. Just don't expect the Masons to tell all their secrets.

PHOTOS: ‘Haunted’ Sanatorio Durán is really, truly creepy

They say the dead still walk the halls of Sanatorio Durán, and whether you believe that or not, this century-old abandoned hospital is seriously spooky.

Sarchí: Making Costa Rica’s splendid oxcarts is 120-year tradition

Sarchí is the birthplace of the brilliantly painted oxcarts that are the national symbol of Costa Rica, and the Eloy Alfaro oxcart factory is the epicenter.

Santa Ana antiques dealer, architect specializes in people

The soul of Santa Ana comes alive when viewed through the blue eyes of Héctor Aguilar — architect, antiques dealer and prolific profiler of town characters.

Santa Ana history: Was this Spain’s first town in the Central Valley?

It’s a geographic mystery 455 years in the making, but it’s possible that the first Spanish settlement in Costa Rica’s Central Valley was built in what is today the Valle del Sol, commonly known as Santa Ana.
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