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Fun and free in Costa Rica: Halloween masquerade parades

This Halloween, be a part of Costa Rica’s fun and free costumed tradition — fling yourself into the contagious festivals and parades that flood the streets during Día Nacional de la Mascarada Costarricense.

Fun and free in Costa Rica: Art Walk at Avenida Escazú

Avenida Escazú is always a good option for finding fun things to do with your family for free, but especially during the Art Walk exhibition this week.

Treintaycinco craft brewery opens doors to public

Craft beer lovers in Costa Rica have a new place to imbibe while mingling with kindred spirits, listening to great music and trying out...

Fun and free in Costa Rica: Sunday aerobics at Parque La Sabana

With this story, Tico Times Travel launches a monthly column called “Fun and free in Costa Rica,” by Ilana Long — short dispatches on interesting things to do that cost nada.

At Grand Masonic Lodge, some of Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets remain just that

A tour of the Grand Masonic Lodge in San José with Chepecletas makes a fascinating excursion. Just don't expect the Masons to tell all their secrets.

PHOTOS: ‘Haunted’ Sanatorio Durán is really, truly creepy

They say the dead still walk the halls of Sanatorio Durán, and whether you believe that or not, this century-old abandoned hospital is seriously spooky.
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Costa Rica’s National Symphony Orchestra to Perform Free Concerts

The National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica (OSNCR) will perform two free concerts on Thursday, June 20, and Friday, June 21, at 8 p.m....

Costa Rica’s Main Caribbean Highway Plagued by Instability

The National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models of the University of Costa Rica (LANAMME-UCR) conducted an assessment of Route 32 and found at...

Unraveling the Mystery of a Costa Rican Expat’s Past

Expats come to Costa Rica for all types of reasons; Some come to live, some to die. Some are running from something, others in...