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Costa Rica’s Sele out of Korea U-20 World Cup

The elimination also means that La Sele will not be able to match their historic pass to semifinals achieved during the 2009 World Cup in Egypt.

FIFA suspends Eduardo Li for life

A FIFA panel decided Friday to ban Eduardo Li for life for his role in the widespread bribery and corruption scandal.

Eduardo Li wins lawsuit against insurance company over defense costs in FIFA corruption case

A judge ruled that insurer Lloyd's of London must pay for Li's legal defense in the FIFA corruption case. But there's one catch.

Eduardo Li’s bail request denied by New York judge

Embattled former head of Costa Rican football Eduardo Li saw his bail request denied in a New York courtroom Wednesday morning. Prosecutors want him to pay at least double what his legal team offered.

Platini withdraws bid for FIFA presidency

Suspended UEFA chief Michel Platini on Thursday withdrew from the race to become FIFA president, saying he will concentrate on clearing his name instead.

FIFA corruption probe: Michel Platini vows to fight ‘injustice’ 

Michel Platini told AFP in an interview Tuesday that he is determined to fight for the FIFA presidency and to clear his name after being banned for eight years.
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Guatemala Issues Historic Apology for Black Market Adoptions

Guatemala's president on Friday offered an official apology to one of the many families whose children were taken away and adopted abroad in a...

Central American Countries Declare Emergency as Dengue Deaths Rise

A hundred people have died this year from a dengue outbreak in Central America, where the most affected country is Guatemala, with half of...

Maritime Patrols Intensify as Panama Tightens Border Control

Panama reinforced maritime surveillance on Thursday, after closing some passages in the Darién jungle to control the arrival of migrants traveling to the United...