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Why some Cuban migrants aren’t trying their chances with smugglers

The bottleneck out of Costa Rica is stretching the patience of Cuban migrants and the Costa Rican government's pocketbook. But some still won't risk it.

Cuban migrant airlift set to continue but could take months

The next plane will leave on Feb. 4 but Cuban migrants could be waiting in shelters for several more months.

First group of weary Cubans reaches US after long trek, long pause in Costa Rica

The first trickle of a group of thousands of Cubans trying to reach the United States crossed the Mexican border into Texas Friday, ending a dangerous, months-long odyssey through the Americas.

Costa Rica declares ‘success’ after first airlift of Cuban migrants

“This is a success for the country,” President Luis Guillermo Solís told reporters. "It demonstrated the generosity of our people."

Cubans bound for US inch closer, arrive in Guatemala

In what they nervously hope will be the successful conclusion to a months-long odyssey through South and Central America, the first group of 180 Cubans left Costa Rica on Tuesday, landed in El Salvador and then made it further north to Guatemala by bus after traveling through the night.

Stranded Cuban migrants say goodbye to Costa Rica as airlift begins

The latest wave of Cuban migration has drawn increased skepticism from some representatives to the 1966 law that grants them preferential status in the US.
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