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Costa Rica Real Estate: 8 Signs You are Not Ready to Buy

It is quite normal that we encounter a would-be buyer who is not ready to buy a house yet. We advertise our property listings on...

16 questions to ask your home inspector in Costa Rica

When making a formal offer on a property in Costa Rica, it is highly recommended that you get a complete home inspection. Here are 16 questions to ask.

Is a $12,000 shipping container home your key to owning a vacation rental in Costa Rica?

For as little as $12,000, you could be the proud new owner of a 20-foot shipping container home that you can place on any level lot where there is electricity and water.

Video: The role of the real estate agent in Costa Rica

Attorney Roger Petersen explains the role of the real estate in Costa Rica, and what you should watch out for when dealing with one.

Having problems cashing your closing settlement check?

You've finally sold your house in Costa Rica, you're ready to pop the champagne, and then you learn that the check is made out to the corporation you formed to buy the house — and now you can't cash it! Here's what to do.

Fun and free in Costa Rica: Art Walk at Avenida Escazú

Avenida Escazú is always a good option for finding fun things to do with your family for free, but especially during the Art Walk exhibition this week.

How to remodel your kitchen in Costa Rica

Whether you're looking to buy or already own a house in Costa Rica, the kitchen may leave something to be desired. But remodeling it may be easier and cheaper than you think.

A hassle-free strategy to finding your first rental home in Costa Rica

Looking for a short- or long-term rental home in Costa Rica? Follow these steps and you can save yourself (and others) a lot of grief.

How to avoid being fleeced when buying property in Costa Rica

Would you give $100K of your life savings to your banker without receiving any documents that prove the deposit? I would not, and I wouldn’t give it to a real estate developer in Costa Rica without proof of ownership either.

Video: An attorney’s advice on gaining Costa Rica residency by investing

In this video, attorney Roger Petersen explains how to gain Costa Rica residency with an investment of $200,000 in real estate.

Can the condo fee make home buyers in Costa Rica feel sick?

If you are shopping around for a condo in Costa Rica, you might not realize that you will need to pay a condo fee as soon as you have closed on your purchase. The condo fee might double or even triple once the HOA takes over the administration of the condominium.
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