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Costa Rica Seizes Over Half Ton of Cocaine in Limón

In a major drug bust yesterday, Costa Rica’s Drug Control Police (PCD) seized 584 kilograms of cocaine in the Caribbean city of Limón.

The successful operation was the result of careful planning and coordination between the Ministry of Security and the Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office.

According to police reports, the drugs were concealed inside a former event center in the Los Cangrejos neighborhood that had been converted into a drug warehouse. The once vibrant venue had been cunningly retrofitted by traffickers with hidden pits specifically designed to store large amounts of narcotics.

A complex network of discreet underground tunnels was also uncovered, allowing easy movement and access to the illicit cargo from both inside the building and external entry points.

Authorities say every detail was meticulously designed to enable smooth trafficking operations.

In a follow-up maneuver, law enforcement targeted a residence in the Limoncito neighborhood in an attempt to apprehend a person of interest. However, upon arriving at the scene, they found the premises vacant as the suspect had slipped away.

The Ministry of Security asserts that while the suspect evaded capture this time, continuous dedicated investigations will ensure an arrest is imminent.

In addition to the drugs, the operation led to the seizure of 499,500 colones (approx. $1000 USD) in monetary assets and over one hundred rounds of ammunition of varying calibers.

Highlighting the severity of the situation, the Ministry underscored this as evidence of their strengthened commitment to fortifying police efforts in Limón. In recent years, the region has seen a surge in drug trade activity and associated homicides.

Limón is home to Costa Rica’s primary Moín Container Terminal. Given the long history of drug trafficking via export containers, the government proactively installed advanced scanning technology at the port last July.

The high-tech scanners, paired with relentless police operations, aim to detect and deter drug movements in order to combat crime in the bustling port area.

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