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The Critical Situation of Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park

The Chamber of Commerce of Quepos is Worried About the Environmental Impact at Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park

The Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism board of Quepos expressed its serious concern about the current situation of Manuel Antonio National Park and the environmental impact reported in the area. The Chamber emphasized that the current scenario is not only caused by tourism, but also by the mismanagement of resources by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC).

The Chamber understands that tourism in Quepos and Manuel Antonio has been a vital source of income for the region, generating jobs and opportunities for the local population. However, they also highlighted that they have observed a series of problems related to the management of the park by the responsible authorities and a lack of effective solutions.

The lack of investment in infrastructure (trails and restrooms), the lack of control and surveillance of the area, and the absence of concrete actions to prevent and mitigate the environmental impact has generated a critical situation requiring urgent solutions.

For those involved in the tourism industry, the main cause of these issues is the mismanagement of resources, which thwarts hiring more personnel for the required tasks.

The Chamber calls on MINAE and SINAC to accept their responsibility and take immediate measures to reverse the current situation. It is necessary to implement and execute an integrated management plan for the park that includes actions such as building adequate infrastructure for visitors, hiring more park rangers to improve the constant surveillance of the area, including environmental education measures, and adopting technologies that allow for efficient resource management.

All of this will be possible if existing laws are enforced, and the available funds are used efficiently. The Chamber also urged the community to collaborate in the conservation of the park and visit responsibly.

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