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Those in Costa Rica with all 3 Vaccine Shots can avoid Isolation

The Costa Rica ministry of health clarified that only people with the full 3 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will be able to avoid isolation if they come in contact with someone who is COVID positive.

This measure will be reflected in the update of the Disease Surveillance Guidelines that will be published soon and which updates the requirement from the 2 to the 3 shots of the COVID-19 vaccine to avoid isolation when coming in contact with someone who is Covid-19 positive. The person must also be symptom free at least 14 days after receiving the third dose of vaccine.

The National Commission of Vaccination and Epidemiology also wants to remind everyone that a complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19 is now only when you have the full 3 doses (the established 2 shots plus the booster dose four months later).

In addition, those who have two doses but have not yet exceeded the four months required until being able to get the third dose will not have to undergo isolation.

Those diagnosed as positive for Covid-19, either by a laboratory test or by nexus must continue with the 7 days in isolation, regardless of the status of their vaccination schedule.

The Ministry of Health reminds everyone that Costa Rica now has sufficient doses available to vaccinate the entire population that needs to complete their three dose Covid-19 vaccination schedule.

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