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Is Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey In Costa Rica Just For The Waves?

Although not a movie or television star like Ashton Kutcher or Emma Roberts, celebrities who we have been recently visiting Costa Rica, Jack Dorsey has been in country since January 28 (reportedly his ninth visit) and is quite famous in his own right.

If, for some reason you don’t already know, he is considered a celebrity in technology circles for being the Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. He is also CEO of the popular payment processing company Square (Now Block).

What we do know about his time here is that he has been enjoying the beach and surfing some of the world class waves we have here in Costa Rica.

However, what else he has been up to seems to still be a mystery.

There is some speculation that his part of the reason for being in Costa Rica may not just be for a vacation but also to see if their is any possibility of Costa Rica being another Central American nation to formally undertake Bitcoin as legal currency.  

The timing of his visit, just after the Presidential election, adds further to the speculation.

We recently reported on a project called Bitcoin Jungle the cryptocurrency bull has started following recently, and some Bitcoin experts have speculated Costa Rica was on his radar.

So it is anybody’s guess if visiting Costa Rica is for the surf or to further explore the viability of this concept here.

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