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6 Ways You Can Save Water At Home

All of us know that around 70% of our planet is covered with water. But, how many of us know that 97.5% of the...

Oceans saved us, now we can return the favor

Humanity must heal oceans made sick by climate change, pollution and overfishing in order to rescue marine life and save ourselves, experts warned ahead...

Costa Rica Declares the Clean Rivers Initiative of Public Interest

As part of the commemoration of World Water Day, Costa Rica declared of public and national interest the National Strategy for the Recovery of...

World Water Day and What it Means in Costa Rica

As we turn on our taps and reach for our next glass of water, many of us don’t even think twice. It is a...

Green Hydrogen Technology could change Costa Rica’s Future

Former astronaut Franklin Chang is confident that in 10 years Costa Rica, his country, will be different. He aspires to make it much richer...

Costa Rica and the Crystal Waters Project

When hundreds of tribes and thousands of supporters gathered at Standing Rock in the U.S. midwest to protest a pipeline that threatened the local...

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick Traveling in Central America

Central America and Costa Rica in particular, is an incredible place to travel! You can experience new cultures, explore rain forests or snorkel in...

Costa Rica now considers access to water as a constitutional right

Costa Rica adopted a constitutional reform that guarantees access to water as a human, basic and inalienable right. 

Costa Rica can now detect the coronavirus in wastewater

The studies make it possible to detect the presence of the coronavirus, and later they will be able to measure its concentration in different samples to quantify the virus load in the studied population.

Large number of Costa Ricans will face water shortages during dry season, AyA predicts

The 2019 green season produced less rain than expected throughout much of Costa Rica — as much as a 21% deficit in parts of the country. 

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