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Water will be out for thousands Wednesday in San José area

Thousands of people will temporarily be without water Wednesday while work is done at the Costa Rican Water and Sewer Institute (AyA) facilities in Tres Ríos, Cartago.

Costa Rica seeks to bring water to drought-stricken Guanacaste

Costa Rica will start a project to bring water to more than half a million people in the arid region of Guanacaste. The government...

Costa Rica pledges to improve protection of its wetlands

Environment Ministry officials are currently working on the National Wetland Inventory, a project to compile an updated list of all water sources in the country.

Tempisque River: History of neglect threatens Guanacaste people and environment

An investigation by The Tico Times and The Voice of Guanacaste into the management of the Tempisque River shows a history of neglect, faulty data and lack of enforcement of environmental and water regulations.

Water concessions: A priority for use in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, many water sources are used illegally, compromising this valuable resource at a time of great urgency. More needs to be done. Here's why.

If building in Costa Rica, know your water rights before you buy

Buyers looking to “get away from it all” may find that their prospective properties are nowhere within reach of a local Asada or AyA network. That means they’ll need a water concession, which might take three years or more to get.

Water protests greet Costa Rica’s Solís in Nicoya during annual festival

NICOYA, Guanacaste – A rowdy crowd gathered in Nicoya’s central square jeering lawmakers and interrupting speeches with calls for “water now!” as clouds gathered overhead Saturday afternoon. Errant drops fell, promising the irony of a rainstorm during a protest over water supply and drought relief, but the rain did not come.

President Solís announces multi-million-dollar water improvements ahead of protests in Nicoya

President Luis Guillermo Solís has been traveling across Guanacaste all week to sell his administration’s response to the the northwestern province’s chronic poverty and recent crises of drought and poor water management leading up to his speech here Saturday afternoon.

Consumers rejoice: Metropolitan water rates set to decrease on July 1

In a couple days, customers of the Costa Rican Water and Sewer Institute (AyA) will see a decrease in their monthly water bills thanks to a 26 percent decrease in tap water rates and a 13 percent drop in sewage service rates that will take effect on Wednesday, July 1.

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