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From the land of the rising sun

In tough times, pressures on water resources abound. Climate change will have a dramatic impact on these pressures; it is essential to our national life to invest in intelligence.

City officials finally promise relief to Cartago residents facing ongoing water shortages

Officials from the Water and Sewer Institute (AyA) and the Paraíso Municipality on Wednesday agreed to the first steps in addressing ongoing water shortages that in recent months have extended to two additional Cartago cantons.

New hope for Haiti

Haiti needs help funding its $2.2 billion, 10-year National Cholera Elimination Plan. So far, just 40 percent of the $448 million that will be needed in the first two years for investments in early warning, rapid response, water, sanitation and vaccines has been mobilized, and only 10 percent of the total has been pledged.

Save the beer: Climate change adds urgency to clean-water advocate’s rallying cry

"Beer is a powerful tool – you sit a beer in front of someone? They listen to you. About anything. It's like magic."

Canadian entrepreneur gives water bottles new life as roof tiles

Faced with a tide of unwanted plastic bottle on the beach near his home, Donald Thomson, founder of Agua Costa Rica, saw an opportunity to turn trash into a high quality, zero-waste building material.

Four dead, 284 missing in S. Korea ferry sinking

South Korean rescue teams, including elite navy SEAL divers, raced Wednesday to find up to 293 people missing from a capsized ferry carrying 459 passengers and crew, mostly high school students bound for a holiday island.

Cartago joins growing list of provinces struggling with water shortages

Farms and tourist areas near the country’s colonial capital, located 22 kilometers east of San José, have been hit hard by water scarcity, including diminished reserves that traditionally supply enough water for the entire province and more than half a million residents in eastern San José.

Water bandits are the latest concern in worsening drought

Santo Domingo de Heredia declared a state of emergency due to lack of water Thursday, spreading concerns about the country's worsening drought.

Costa Rica passes 2nd ‘popular initiative’ bill, which declares water access a fundamental right

Water in Costa Rica will be considered a public good, and general access for consumption will be a fundamental right, according to a bill passed in a first-round vote Monday night at the Legislative Assembly.

Water rationing will continue for at least one month, agency says

Water shortages currently affecting 77 communities throughout Costa Rica likely will continue until the end of April, the Water and Sewer Institute said this week.

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