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Kyle Hence


Red Tide Emergency along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast Raises Alarm

Imagine if each one of us were to replicate ourselves 1 million times. We’d see a planetary population explosion that could threaten life on...

Costa Rica Entrepreneur SpicyLife Building Community in Dominical

You might have heard of 1% for the Planet, a charitable organization that makes it easy for your company to support environmental projects or...

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to Save the Whales

When people think of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) their minds don’t readily jump to concerns about whales migrating along the Pacific Coast. Well,...

Costa Rica Flirts with Bitcoin, Attracts Attention of Tech Titan Jack Dorsey

Will Costa Rica be the next Central American nation to officially adopt bitcoin as legal tender?   Two new businesses launched within the last year are...

A Marine Conservation & Education Center opens in Costa Rica

Last November The Tico Times first reported on the growing initiative to establish a marine protected area (MPA) surrounding the Osa Peninsula. Since that time...

Costa Ballena Bitcoin Project Aims to Boost Local Costa Rica Economy

In June of last year Central America took center stage in the world of cryptocurrency when the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele announced...

Costa Rica and the Crystal Waters Project

When hundreds of tribes and thousands of supporters gathered at Standing Rock in the U.S. midwest to protest a pipeline that threatened the local...

For the Oceans Foundation takes lead for Ocean Conservation for Costa Rica

There is growing international interest in the conservation of the Eastern Tropical Pacific, a vast area of largely thriving but threatened ocean stretching Southwest...

The Ugalde/Boza Osa Marine Reserve: A Call to Honor Costa Rica’s Leading Conservationists

On October 29th one of Costa Rica’s leading environmentalists, Mario Boza passed away after a near fifty year career dedicated to the conservation of...

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