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International Day of Peace 2022

September 21 is International Peace Day around the world. The idea of a day to promote peace and ceasefires was introduced to the United...

Positive Leadership workshop at UPEACE in February

Do you feel that you’re living in a world that’s moving faster, with more information needing your attention, and greater demands on your time? When was the last time you invested in your own professional development?

How to become a positive leader before 2019 – at Costa Rica’s UPEACE

The workshop will bring together a diverse group of participants, including local nationals as well as expats living in Costa Rica.

International Peace Day in Costa Rica

Events held throughout Costa Rica commemorated International Peace Day on Sept. 21, a United Nations-sponsored holiday to promote peace and ceasefires.

University for Peace brings a global community to Ciudad Colón

The University for Peace in Ciudad Colón, founded by a UN treaty, attracts up to 200 students a year from some 45 countries.

Looking for inner peace? The path is through coherence, says expert

For Rita Marie Johnson, talking about peace isn’t enough. You’ve got to practice it in your everyday life. The key word there is practice.

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