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Turrialba Volcano

Costa Rica announces increased security measures for active volcanoes

Despite additional security measures, CNE said Poás Volcano may temporarily close to the public at times in 2019.

Costa Rican aviation authorities monitoring Turrialba Volcano

The airport remains fully operational, but several flights were delayed Wednesday morning.

Following illegal entry, authorities reiterate: don’t visit Turrialba’s crater

Authorities noted illegal visits can put rescue teams' lives in danger.

This video of Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano will blow your mind

Volcán Turrialba in all its glory, thanks to Cusuko Fotografía.

Experts document presence of lava in two Costa Rican volcanoes

Volcanologists said the formation of a lava lake is obvious proof of the rise of magma to the surface.

Poás Volcano closed indefinitely; Turrialba keeps spewing ash

Vulcanologists conducted an inspection of Poás and found rocks of various diameters ranging from 40 centimeters to 2 meters (1.3-6.5 ft) that had been hurled as far as one kilometer through the air.

Ashes from Turrialba Volcano’s explosions reach San José, Heredia

A National Seismological Network's report noted that low-intensity volcanic tremors are following ash explosions at Turrialba Volcano.

Volcanologists follow presence of magma at Turrialba Volcano’s crater

Weather conditions have prevented OVSICORI staff from approaching or conducting flyovers with a drone over the crater to measure the depth of the magma body.

Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano resumes vapor, ash explosions

Turrialba Volcano increased its activity once more over the weekend with vapor, gas and ash explosions, volcanologists reported.

PHOTOS: Turrialba’s big weekend

Images from recent days' Volcán Turrialba activities.

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