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Restoration Of Infamous Costa Rica Island Prison Continues

The island prison of San Lucas was so notorious that even the most hardened criminals would weep when they learned that was where they...

Airfare Alert: USA to Costa Rica Flights Starting at $238

The Points Guy has compiled a list of bargain fares from the United States to Liberia (LIR) and San Jose Costa Rica (SJO) starting...

Costa Rica QR Code and Proof of Vaccine Mandate

As the world continues to maneuver its way through a global pandemic, safety and preventative measures continue to evolve at an ever-changing rate. Costa...

Visiting Cartago Costa Rica: It’s History and Culture

Cartago takes you to the heart of what Costa Rica once was, a place of the day’s past. It is a city of history...

Deal Alert: USA to Costa Rica Flights Starting at $186

The Points Guy has compiled a list of bargain fares between the United States and San Jose Costa Rica (SJO) starting in March 2022...

Manatees in Costa Rica? Apparent Sighting near Tortuguero

Local conservationists are celebrating yet another apparent confirmed sighting of manatees in Costa Rica’s Caribbean canal of Tortuguero, not far from the village of...

Costa Rica and The Naturaleza Mágica App

Last August SINAC launched an app that would help tourists and locals alike who want to visit one or more of Costa Rica's 17...

Traveling to Costa Rica Part 2 – Airport Water Delays During the Holidays

Some things you cannot make up, for example, an airport that allegedly did not pay its water fountain bill. But according to local media...

Traveling to Costa Rica? Your flight may be shorter than the immigration line

For reasons that defy logic, given the importance tourism has for Costa Rica, especially after the strains of Covid-19, many visitors stand for hours,...

In Costa Rica – it’s not always about the fish: An angler’s aside

Humpback and killer whales, sea turtles and a myriad of plant life also await fishermen in Costa Rica.

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