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Costa Rica’s Route 32 Remains Closed

Route 32 continues to be closed after the landslides that occurred in the last few weeks. Its opening is still uncertain as clean-up work continues. The Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Luis Amador, confirmed that operations require time and are complex.

This Thursday, 2,694 cubic meters of material were removed at kilometer 28, the equivalent of about 225 wagons filled with dirt. However, given the magnitude of the landslides, this is not significant.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation indicated that work would continue this Friday and over the weekend after the machinery provided support in the areas affected by tropical storm Bonnie.

“Timely information will be provided when the cleaning works are concluded, both at the most conflictive point, kilometer 28, as well as in other places with the presence of materials on the road,” the Ministry informed.

Minister Amador stressed the importance of working to intervene in the slope to avoid these recurring problems affecting thousands of drivers.

“It is a slope that even if I open it tomorrow, I have to close it again at night because a landslide falls again. This has been happening for years. We have to stabilize this slope; we can’t go on like this,” he said categorically.

In addition, the Minister explained that the situation was complicated and that it was necessary to act quickly.

“We have a very, very serious situation. There is an inability to act for different reasons,” Amador said.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport explained that due to the weather conditions in the area, it is imperative to carry out work to solve the problem once and for all.

“We have a series of weather events affecting the country. Last weekend’s storm caused flooding, and there are landslides in multiple sectors that we are trying to work on,” they noted.

Luis Amador pointed out that this is not a problem exclusive to Route 32, but there are incidents with roadways all over the country. He pointed out, for example, that some rivers in Turrialba are about to overflow, there are landslides on Route 10, and in Guanacaste, roads are sinking.

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