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What is the El Tope Parade in Costa Rica?

El Tope is a traditional Costa Rican festival celebrating their history and culture. It is an equestrian parade that is often part of local...

The Perfect Costa Rican Christmas in 10 Easy Steps

Our guide to the definitive Costa Rican Christmas.

Prepare to party: Costa Rica readies for Fiestas de Palmares 2020

The Palmares tope is one of the country’s most famous, with cowboys from all over the country turning up to show off their riding skills and sometimes other talents. 

Horsing around

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

Bulls, pomp and Guanacaste culture: The history of this week’s Liberia festivals

Columnist and Guanacaste resident Ellen Zoe Golden explores the history and culture behind Liberia's century-old civic celebrations.

PHOTOS: The best of Palmares Tope 2016

The annual Palmares Fiestas kicked off Thursday at 1 p.m. with the tope (horse parade), which featured approximately 2,500 riders and horses.

PHOTOS: San José’s ‘tope’ takes spectators on a colorful ride

Thousands of riders and their equine companions came from different corners of Costa Rica to show off their best riding styles, saddles and outfits.

Zapote Festivities, Traditional Tope, and other happenings around Costa Rica

A roundup of events taking place Dec. 25 - Jan. 3

Can’t-miss events for a truly Costa Rican Christmas

Want to celebrate the holidays like a Tico, but not sure how to start? Here's our primer.

5 things to know about Costa Rica’s Annexation of Nicoya Festival

On Saturday, the people of Costa Rica’s northwestern province of Guanacaste will dust off their cowboy boots and head out for a traditional Tico celebration at the annual Annexation of the Partido de Nicoya Festival.

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