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Bulls, pomp and Guanacaste culture: The history of this week’s Liberia festivals

Columnist and Guanacaste resident Ellen Zoe Golden explores the history and culture behind Liberia's century-old civic celebrations.

Guanacaste nonprofit celebrates 10 years of support for youth

Young people took the stage to tell their stories of coming to Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents (CEPIA), the organization that Laetitia Deweer cofounded with her friend and fellow Belgian Lotje Deridder to improve the quality of life of impoverished Guanacaste children and teenagers and their families.

The Anniversary of Costa Rica’s Annexation of Nicoya in Photos

On Saturday, the people of Costa Rica’s northwestern province of Guanacaste dusted off their cowboy boots and headed out for the annual Annexation of the Partido de Nicoya Festival.

5 things to know about Costa Rica’s Annexation of Nicoya Festival

On Saturday, the people of Costa Rica’s northwestern province of Guanacaste will dust off their cowboy boots and head out for a traditional Tico celebration at the annual Annexation of the Partido de Nicoya Festival.

Cañas-Liberia Highway expansion faces yet another delay

The expansion from two to four lanes of the highway between Cañas and Liberia, Guanacaste, originally scheduled to be ready in May of last year, will take up to six more months past the previous July 2015 deadline set by the Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) earlier this year.

Special needs kids enjoy beach day in Avellanas

A group of special needs children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and developmental delays such as autism traveled to Avellanas, in the province of Guanacaste, Saturday to enjoy, some for the first time, a day at the beach.
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The History and Meaning Behind Costa Rica’s Lantern Parade

Every September 14th, on the eve of Independence Day, most towns and cities of Costa Rica celebrate the traditional lantern parade. Driven by educational...

Costa Rica Wildlife: Meet the Common House Gecko

They’re behind your clock. They’re in your curtains. They’re laying eggs in your knickknacks. They’re your constant housemates, so we might as well learn...

Empanadas in Costa Rica are as Easy as 1,2,3,4

All over Latin America, empanadas (turnovers) are eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. They vary in taste according to the ingredients used...

Costa Rica Independence Day meal with a side of history

TASTE OF THE TROPICS: How to make Chorreadas with Palmito Cheese and Guacamango