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Costa Rica enacts law against street sexual harassment

Costa Rica on Monday put into effect a law that criminalizes street sexual harassment and punishes it with jail terms and fines.

Costa Rica approves law punishing street sexual harassment with jail and fines

A bill that penalizes street sexual harassment was approved Tuesday in a second debate by Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly. 

Legislation against street sexual harassment advances in Costa Rican Congress

A bill that would penalize street sexual harassment was approved Tuesday in a first debate by Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly. 

How to deal with street harassment in Costa Rica

When you experience or witness street harassment, remember the 5 Ds.

How to Fight Street harassment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches and abundant biodiversity, but for women, it also means street harassment. Tico Times reporter Alissa Grosskopf talks to experts and men on the street to figure out why they do it, how to fight it and what happens when you do.

Our first successful Kickstarter funds The Tico Times Dispatch

Thank you for helping us fund our first Kickstarter project.

New campaign targets sexual harassment in public places

Six out of 10 women have been victims of sexual harassment in public spaces in Costa Rica, according to a survey by the University of Costa Rica.

Police arrest suspected killers of Gerardo Cruz

In an ugly twist to the story of a young man hailed as a defender of women, police say he was killed by a jilted lover.

Video shows suspected killers of Gerardo Cruz, who confronted man filming up skirt

Judicial Investigation Police on Wednesday released a video of two men suspected of killing Gerardo Cruz Barquero, the 22-year-old man who in October became famous for posting a video to his Facebook page of himself confronting a man who had been trying to film up a woman’s skirt with a smartphone camera.

PHOTOS: Costa Rica march demands end to street harassment

Over 100 people on Tuesday evening marched along San José's Central Avenue to protest the persistent sexual harassment of women – and sometimes men – in public places, including streets, sidewalks, parks and the workplace.

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