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Mourners pay last respects to Gerardo Cruz, 22-year-old who exposed street harassment

Mourners gathered Friday evening and Saturday morning to pay their last respects to Gerardo Cruz, the 22-year-old Costa Rican man who became a national hero for his stance against street harassment of women.

Street harassment critic Gerardo Cruz dies

Gerardo Cruz, the young Costa Rican man who became a national hero for boldly calling out street harassment of women, died at Calderón Guardia hospital Thursday.

Finally some upbeat news for family of Costa Rica’s good Samaritan Gerardo Cruz

Gerardo Cruz, the 22-year-old Costa Rican man who stood up to a sex aggressor harassing a woman on the street, finally opened his eyes while lying in a hospital bed more than three weeks after he was stabbed, local media reported this week.

Costa Rica protesters march against street harassment

More than 100 people marched in the Costa Rican capital San José on Sunday to protest against sexual harassment in public places, or street harassment. They also marched in solidarity with the family of Gerardo Cruz, who was stabbed shortly after publicly denouncing a perpetrator of street harassment.

Latin American women fight back against harassment

An online movement includes creative campaigns like "Whistle at Your Mama" in Peru, where Olympic medal-winning volleyball player Natalia Malaga threatened catcallers by sending their mothers to confront them -- complete with a humorous video that went viral.

Panama Congresswoman’s anti-sexual harassment bill faces ridicule

The bill would do much more than prohibit catcalls. It calls for outlawing bullying, stalking, racism and all forms of sexual harassment. It also calls for developing public policies aimed at preventing these abuses.

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