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Our first successful Kickstarter funds The Tico Times Dispatch

Thank you for helping us fund the next episode of The Tico Times Dispatch.

Thanks to readers like you, our next podcast will focus on machismo and street harassment in Costa Rica. Our intern, Alissa Grosskopf, will be reporting and producing a story that stemmed from her experience in Costa Rica.

Grosskopf recently came to Costa Rica from Germany to study journalism at the University of Costa Rica and was surprised by the level of street harassment she experienced in the country. She changed the way she dressed, felt and walked around the country due to it.

Now with your help, she’s exploring the topic and looking at different ways that women can confront it. We set a goal of $500 to help cover the equipment, production, studio and travel costs for this project and we raised the money in a week.

We’re incredibly grateful for your support. We’re hoping to keep raising money to promote the podcast once it’s produced and help fund future episodes. Producing meaningful journalism takes time and money and we’re dedicated to producing as much of it as we can for as long as we can.

With readers like you, we think we can keep producing stories, podcasts and videos that explore underreported topics in Costa Rica for a long time to come.

Once again, from the entire Tico Times staff, thank you. Click here to donate and help keep The Tico Times Dispatch going.  

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