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Costa Rica’s electric grid powered by 98% renewable energy for 6th straight year

The Government of Costa Rica expects the country will generate more than 99% of its electric energy from renewable resources in 2020.

Now you can save lots of money migrating to solar energy in Costa Rica

According to Ministerial Decree 39220 (Ruling for the distributed Electrical generators for self-usage), since October 2015 the installations of solar panels with DC to...

Costa Rica will run on more than 98% renewable energy for fifth consecutive year, government says

The Government of Costa Rica says the country will generate more than 99% of its energy from renewable sources in 2019. 

Hundreds of GAM traffic lights now run on solar power

The project is an important part of Costa Rica’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality.

MOPT: Half of San José’s traffic lights will be solar-powered by year’s end

MOPT seeks to replace all traffic lights in the Greater Metropolitan Area with solar-powered systems by 2022.

Costa Rican indigenous women to learn about solar power in India

The Costa Rican women were awarded scholarships from the Government of India to enroll in Barefoot College Institute’s Solar Lighting program in Rajasthan for six months.

Homes, businesses that produce renewable energy can now store it in the grid

Costa Rican homes and businesses that generate electricity through solar and other renewable sources can store surplus in the grid starting Friday.

Costa Rica moves forward on distributed generation with net metering to start in April

Hoping to install solar panels in your home to help you save on your electricity bill? Costa Rica just took a major step forward by establishing the price structure for net metering for distributed generation, opening the door to a potential solar boom.

Solar vs. hydro: How to power your home in Costa Rica

Here's what you need to know about whether solar power or small-scale hydroelectric is the right choice for your property in Costa Rica.

Deadline approaching for Costa Rica to set distributed generation fees

Bright sunshine isn’t anything new to Costa Rica, but broad, consumer-based distributed generation solar power soon will be, following the recent publication of an executive decree on the issue.

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