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Friday, August 12, 2022
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Costa Rica’s capital to have solar energy powered traffic lights

Officials from the Public Works and Transport Ministry hope the new solar-powered traffic lights will help prevent accidents and traffic jams in San José.

Pioneering Costa Rica’s solar push in the Central Valley: Alajuela’s Llobet and Sons

While Costa Rica's emphasis traditionally has been on generating hydropower, the country has fallen woefully behind on its generation of solar power. Despite many obstacles, department store Francisco Llobet e Hijos decided to help lead the charge and show that going solar can provide significant savings.

Hillary Clinton promises to be the US’ renewable energy president

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hillary Clinton was set to lay out an ambitious plan Monday to invest in solar and other renewable energy sources if elected president, drawing a contrast with her fossil fuel-loving Republican rivals.

The battle over distributed generation of electricity in Costa Rica

Everyone in the world is impressed that Costa Rica generated 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources for the first 75 days of this year. Just imagine how impressed they would be – and how proud we could be – if we were able to do that every day of every year.

Solar plane starts second leg of epic round-the-world bid

The longest single leg of the solar-powered round-the-world trip will see a lone pilot fly non-stop for five days and nights across the Pacific Ocean between Nanjing, China and Hawaii, a distance of 8,500 kilometers (5,270 miles).

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