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Costa Rica among winners of Earthshot environmental prize

Costa Rica was awarded for a project to pay people to restore natural ecosystems.

Germany donates 10,000 trees to Costa Rica

The government of Germany, through its San José Embassy, donated 10,000 trees to Costa Rica's Huella del Futuro initiative.

Costa Rica among finalists for Prince William environment prize

Costa Rica is pioneering a project to pay people to restore natural ecosystems.

World Bank grants Costa Rica $60 million for communities that protect forests

The World Bank and Costa Rica signed an agreement for $60 million to reward local communities that reduce carbon emissions caused by deforestation, the two parties reported on Friday.

Costa Rica launches crowdfunding campaign for northern reforestation

Costa Rica on Wednesday launched a fundraising campaign titled Huella del Futuro with the goal of planing 200,000 trees in nine northern cantons by September 2021. 

The future of tropical forest restoration is community-led

The future of restoring tropical forests should not be exclusively in the hands of governments, argues Rebecca Cole, director of three biological stations in Costa Rica run by the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS). The ecologist believes private institutions and landowners could also have a stake in those efforts.

New country club launches reforestation program

Those who live in the hustle and bustle of Costa Rica's cities may associate reforestation and biological connectivity with the country’s rural areas or...

Costa Rica’s Central Bank finds hidden value in nation’s forests

New natural capital accounting techniques reveal the true economic value of Costa Rica's forests.

Fighting global warming, one tree at a time

Founded in 2010, Community Carbon Trees, headquartered in the Southern Zone town of Platanillo, owns twelve different farms managed by trained crew members and experienced locals. Carbon Trees plants all of its trees exclusively on degraded farmland owned by local families.

‘Environmental hero’ reforestation campaign aims to restore biological corridors in Costa Rica

A reforestation campaign called "Environmental Heroes" this month is asking people to donate funds for the planting, maintenance and monitoring of trees on Costa Rican farms.

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