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Deforestation, climate change making outdoor work unsafe: study

A double-blow of forest destruction and climate change has caused temperatures to soar in many tropical locations, making outdoor work unsafe for millions of...

Costa Rica among winners of Earthshot environmental prize

Costa Rica was awarded for a project to pay people to restore natural ecosystems.

Costa Rica among finalists for Prince William environment prize

Costa Rica is pioneering a project to pay people to restore natural ecosystems.

World Bank grants Costa Rica $60 million for communities that protect forests

The World Bank and Costa Rica signed an agreement for $60 million to reward local communities that reduce carbon emissions caused by deforestation, the two parties reported on Friday.

Costa Rica expresses ‘deep concern’ over Amazon wildfires

The Government of Costa Rica expresses its deep concern about the devastating forest fires that develop in the Amazon River basin.

Saving tropical forests together

Ecologist Rebecca Cole argues the restoration of tropical forests should involve the whole community.

The future of tropical forest restoration is community-led

The future of restoring tropical forests should not be exclusively in the hands of governments, argues Rebecca Cole, director of three biological stations in Costa Rica run by the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS). The ecologist believes private institutions and landowners could also have a stake in those efforts.

Verde que te quiero verde

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

Brazil builds climate tower in pristine Amazon jungle

The Amazon Tall Tower Observatory, or ATTO, is a bold new tool in the push to understand climate change and the vital role of rainforests.

In a Colombian jungle long known for cocaine, a rare nut is now all the rage

Native to parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, the cacay nut was long used by indigenous people to treat wounds and light lamps. As those uses faded, trees that reached 40 meters (130 feet) high became appealing targets for loggers. That's begun to change with the renewed appeal of natural oils as beauty treatments.

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