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The Tico Times on Radio Dos: Community organizes to fight fires

Did you hear The Tico Times on Radio Dos this morning?

The Tico Times on Radio Dos

Did you hear The Tico Times on Radio Dos this morning?

Legendary Radio Columbia sportscaster Mario McGregor dies at 59

Costa Rica mourns the passing of the man who owned the country's most legendary voice.

US panel forces online radio services like Pandora to pay more to stream songs

The U.S. Copyright Royalty Board raised the rates that Pandora and other online radio services must pay for the right to stream songs Wednesday, sending Pandora's shares on a wild ride in after-hours trading.

Radio Hit announces new plans for 2016

“In January we will be releasing our new web platform," Radio Hit broadcaster Michelle Fúster told The Tico Times in a phone interview. "The new platform will include various things such as weekly Spotify playlists created by us, guests and other thematic playlists."

LISTEN: National Radio makes waves with 100% Costa Rican musical programming

In a country where only 3% of most radio stations' playlists are made up of Costa Rican tunes, National Radio is taking a bold stance: 100% of the music they play from now on will be produced in Costa Rica. Give it a listen in our special podcast.

5 questions for a Costa Rican actress – ‘Theater keeps my heart full of passion’

Natalia Arias has had quite a year. The actress – who hails from Coronado, north of San José – followed up her first film apperance in the 2009 film "Gestación," directed by Esteban Ramírez, with a lead performance this year in the latest Ramírez film, "Presos."

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